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Spring seems to have come early this year, and we have had very little frost during the winter, so be warned!! Disease and pests could flourish at the expense of your plants. At the first sign of disease or insect attack take action, before they become established. Prevention is better than cure. We carry a wide range of sprays and potions and can advise on organic methods of control.

If you have not done so already, finish pruning your roses. At the same time watch out for green fly and if necessary spray to eradicate them. At the same time it is worth using a combined spray, such as “RoseClear” to combat BlackSpot and other fungus diseases. In the Garden Centre we now have our benches filled with containerized roses.

  • Hybrid teas produce large, shapely blooms.
  • Floribundas produce numerous blooms borne on trusses and make a good show in the garden. Plant hybrid teas and floribundas about 60cm apart.
  • Climbers bear large shapely flowers on strong straight stems. They need support to encourage them to climb.
  • Ramblers have smaller flowers but these are borne in large bunches on trusses. The branches are more flexible than climbers. Plant climbers & ramblers 2m apart.
  • Shrub roses plant in the mixed border or shrubbery as specimens. Many are sweetly scented and do not need pruning.
  • Miniature – patio roses. These are small enough for the front of the border, tubs and window boxes. They can even be used as a temporary house plant.

All roses will benefit from a dressing of fertilizer, raked in around their roots. Mulch around the plants with farm yard manure or compost.

When we select our roses, wherever possible we try to buy repeat flowering, disease resistance and perfumed varieties.

At only £4.75 each, roses our recommended purchase for April. If you quote our website when you place your order we shall give you 10% discount off roses in April.
Mow the lawn regularly, gradually lowering the blade to no lower than 10cm. To immediately give the impression of tidiness in your garden, edge the lawn with garden shears.

In the perennial flower border, stake tall growing plants eg. delphiniums, so that the plant grows through the support. This creates a natural look to the plant.
Hoe around the plants to keep the weeds under control.

Hardy annual seed can be sown out side when the soil is warm and no longer wet.

It is traditional in the rural north east to plant your vegetable garden on Good Friday. Of course it is sensible to be guided by the weather, but this old tradition gives you a guide to when you should have this work done. In these days of global warming I would say that the vegetable garden should definitely be planted by Easter.

April is a very busy month!!

finish pruning your roses


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