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Christmas roses growing in the garden are coming into bloom. Protect from the worst of the rain and wind with a cloche. Pick for the house for a fresh flower arrangement with winter flowering jasmine.

Care of some of the Christmas house plants sold at the Glendale Garden Centre

  • Cyclamen. Ideal temperature, 50–60’ Bright light, but out of direct sunlight.
    Water from the bottom. Don’t let the plant become water logged. Feed with a liquid fertilizer.
  • Solanum Ideal temperature, 50 – 60’ Bright light, some direct sunlight.
    Keep compost moist. This plant is covered with orange like berries which can be kept in ‘flower’ until well into the summer.
  • Hyacinths Ideal temperature 60 – 70’. Place out of a draught and away from a radiator. Keep the compost moist.
  • Poinsettia Ideal temperature 50 – 60’. Bright light, but out of direct sunlight.
    Let compost become dry before immediately rewatering. This plant can be kept in flower until mid summer. After flowering, or when you get sick of it, throw it out and buy another one next year!
  • Azalea Ideal temperature, 50–60’ Bright light, but out of direct sunlight. Keep the compost very moist and do not let dry out. To water use soft water (rain water) from the bottom. Mist frequently

Christmas is coming and you will find beautiful Christmas trees of various sizes in our display area. The Norway Spruce is the traditional Christmas Tree, ideal for cool rooms. Nordman hold their needles for longer and can be used in warmer rooms. We sell tree stands in which the trunk can be stood in water so giving your tree a longer life. Our trees are fresh cut and are grown locally. We ask customers to book their trees and wreaths early so that we can instruct the grower when to cut the trees and the wreath maker when to deliver the wreaths to us.

Holly wreaths, made locally, look wonderful hanging on the front door or they can be used as memorial wreaths. If you prefer artificial wreaths these can be purchased from the indoor display of glitter and baubles. Unusual Christmas gifts for young and my age are displayed through out December.

Merry Christmas from all of us at The Glendale Garden Centre



...and Christmas Trees

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