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Fish Pond

This is possibly the coldest month of the year. If your pond is iced over the fish may be getting short of oxygen, so it is necessary to break through the ice. DO NOT use a hammer or strike a blow to the ice. The shock waves could kill the fish. If you have not installed an electic pond heater, melt areas of ice by standing a pan of boiling water on the ice. Be careful that the pan does not disappear to the bottom of the pond!!

Do not try to work in the borders or vegetable garden if the ground is wet. Compacting the soil will do more harm than good. However if the ground is reasonably dry and the soil is not sticking to your boots, clear dead tops from plants in the herbaceous border. Top dress established plants and hoe in.

Come to the Glendale Garden Centre and choose vegetable and flower seeds from our wide selection of Unwins and Thomson Morgan seeds. If we do not have on display, the particular seeds you are looking for, we will be very happy to order them in for you.
Sweet peas can be grown out doors now. Erect the supports for the sweet peas and sow the seeds in their final flowering position.

Continue to feed the birds. Fat balls, peanuts and sunflower seeds are particularly nutritious. Finches love Niger seed. We have a huge selection of feeders in which to put the seed. It is worth putting seed holders and loose seed at a height which cats cannot reach and a bird table should be placed in an open area so that cats cannot creep up and catch the bird. Remember to keep the bird bath topped up with fresh water. Remove the ice but never be tempted to put salt in the water.

Clear the snow and ice...


...and be prepared for guests!

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