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The start of a New Year, but not in the garden. This month is for planning for the coming year. Call in and see our selection of flower and vegetable seeds. On dry days when there is no snow or frost continue digging the vegetable garden. Leave the soil in big ‘clods’ so that the frost can break it down. Continue and complete digging between perennial plants in the flower border. Bury the weeds as you go.

Remove fallen leaves from the Alpine Border and from lawns.

Install a pond heater, to keep a small area free from ice. This allows toxic gasses to escape. Never hit the surface of ice to break it, the shock waves could kill your fish. Fish need very little, or no food at this time of year.

If sparrows and tits are pecking flower buds put a stop to it by stretching dark thread between small sticks around the plants.

Keep checking that roses, both newly planted and established bushes, are not being slackened by winter winds. Similarly young trees should be checked. If the roots are loose, stake the tree and if necessary use canes to stabilize shrubs and roses.

Snow on bushes and trees can break slender branches. Gently shake the branch to remove the snow. Move patio containers to a sheltered position so that melting snow will not slide off the roof and damage the plant. To keep paths and patio surfaces free from slippery ice, thinly spread a mixture of grit and rock salt. Be careful not to spread it on plants, because the salt could kill them.

Mice can be a problem at this time of year; stealing crocus bulbs and nibbling stored fruit. Set traps or mouse bait and cover with slates or a board so that birds are not caught or poisoned.

If it hasn’t been done already, clean and oil all tools and equipment. Sharpen spades, edging shears and hoes. Overhaul the grass cutter. Spring is not far off and when it comes there will be little time for tool maintenance.

Snow can break slender plants


Keep the garden tools oiled.

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