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Flaming June gives the gardener time to relax and enjoy the roses, but also make it essential to water and mulch the borders. Weeds continue to flourish so keep on top of them by hoeing over the borders and vegetable garden and spray the paths with a systemic weed killer.

Established lawns should still be mown regularly but the cutting blade should be lifted during very dry weather. Grass clippings can be used as a mulch, but these do not make for a smart looking garden. Never use grass clippings as a mulch if the grass has been sprayed with weed killer. Better to use bark because bark will retain the moisture and keep the weeds down.

In the herbaceous border continue to dead head plants, this encourages a second flush of flowers. Cut back early flowering plants to 3” above soil level, this will also encourage a second flush of flowers.

Spring bulbs should be lifted from the flower border when the leaves have gone yellow. Place bulbs in shallow trays and allow to dry. When dry, remove the shriveled leaves, roots and skins. Store in a cool, dry shed until September or October when they can be replanted.

We still have an extensive selection of summer bedding plants in stock. All our bedding plants are grown in Scotland and as an added note of interest
Our shrubs and trees are grown in England. Our perennials are grown on Tyneside. We believe that where ever possible we should support British growers.
Many people seem to be troubled by rabbits eating their bedding plants. There are some plants that rabbits don’t seem to like too much, however I give no guarantee with this advice. They do like geraniums or plants with a strong smell, eg. nasturtiums, or plants with a silver or furry leaf. If you are in the Glendale Garden Centre please ask for our free sheet entitled  "Plants that rabbits do not like"

Hanging baskets and planters can still be planted up in early June.

Greenfly and mildew are always with us. Battle on and spray them with a dual control pesticide and fungicide. Keep a hand sprayer at the back door and take it with you every time you stroll around the garden, and zap every aphid you see!



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