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If you have not done so already, mulch around plants in the flower borders and around shrubs and trees. This will help to retain moisture. We stock big bags of Bark and composted bark, both make good mulches. You can also use grass clippings but these are not so attractive. Installing a water butt to catch rain water from down spots also saves valuable water. If you really want to do your very best to conserve water install a second butt to collect bath water. Plants don’t mind using your second hand water!

Composting binns are sold in the Glendale Garden Centre. We also have compost enhancers in stock.

Keeping to the theme of environmentally friendly gardening you can buy organic fertilizers and peat free composts from the Glendale Garden Centre. Use organic sprays to combat greenfly and mildew on roses.

Dead head spring flowering bulbs; allow the leaves to die down naturally. If you have to dig the bulbs out of the borders to make room for bedding plants, bury them in a trench until the leaves have died down, then lift them and allow them to dry in boxes. Store until you are ready to plant them out again in September and October

We have a huge selection of plants for baskets and containers. Now is the time to fill your baskets and containers. Use a John Innes based compost and add a slow release fertilizer and water retaining gel. Once planted up the baskets and containers need to be watered regularly and if there is any sign of frost they should be covered with “fleece” to protect them. To keep baskets and containers in good condition water once a week with a solution of either “Tomorite” or “Phostrogen”.

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