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Bare root roses come into stock about the second week of the month. They should be planted immediately but if the ground is very wet or if there is ice and snow put the roots in a bucket of compost and store in a frost free place. Before planting stand the rose in a bucket of water. Roses bought at the Glendale Garden Centre are pruned ready for you to plant. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the root, which should be spread out, the hole should be deep enough to bury the brown root stock (graft) one inch below the level of the surrounding soil. Scatter a good handful of bone meal onto the soil which has been dug out of the hole, peat may be added but is not essential, then refill the hole. Firm the soil around the rose. During the winter, check from time to time to see that the roots have not been slackened by the wind, if so firm around the plant.

Established Roses should be cut back to half or one third to stop the wind shaking the bush and so loosening the roots. Put a good layer of Blended Manure around the root. During the winter, check from time to time to ensure the roots have not been slackened by the wind.

Potted roses are delivered from a specialist rose grower, with whom we have dealt since we opened in 1996 in spring. These roses can be planted at any time of the year. They are chosen for their disease resistance, and their perfume. More about them in March.

Wilds Birds will appreciate being fed during the cold winter months and reward you in the spring with wonderful bird song. Hang feeders from branches or hooks in walls. Do not feed birds on the ground where cats will prey upon them and vermin will be attracted to the food. Shelled peanuts should be approved as suitable for birds and are available at the Glendale Garden Centre. We sell a special mixture for small birds, black and striped sunflower seed and sunflower kernels, niger seed for finches, fat balls and suet treats for tits and !!! for song birds. We stock a good selection of feeders in which to put the seed, bird tables and nesting boxes which are used as shelter during the cold winter nights.

Evergreen trees and shrubs, some which flower during the winter months are now in stock. This is the best time to select for winter colour. These trees and shrubs can be planted on mild days when there is no frost in the ground. Tall trees may need staking. A variety of stakes and tree ties are always in stock.

Garden maintenance can be carried out throughout the winter. You will find paving slabs, decorative gravels, sand & cement, fencing posts and panels at the Glendale Garden Centre.

As usual, if you need help or advice on any subject related to your garden, just give us a ring on 01668 281003.

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