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Let us hope that the Indian summer will continue to the end of October., if it does the ground will be in good condition for digging. Leave the dug borders and vegetable garden rough after the dig. This allows the frost to work on the soil during the winter.

October is the best month for laying turf. We buy in turf to order and collect and deliver it on the day you intend to lay the turf. In preparation you should prepare a weed free level surface. Allow the soil to settle before laying the turf. In dry weather tread the ground to firm it. Apply a balanced fertilizer to the turf bed. One roll of turf will cover 1 square metre. However if you bring your measurements into the Garden Centre we shall calculate how many rolls of turf you need. Once laid water the turf thoroughly and if the weather is dry keep the lawn moist.

Rake up fallen leaves and put into the compost bin or compost heap.

In early October remove fallen leaves from the fish pond, a good tool for this purpose is a child’s fishing net. Check that wires placed across the pond to deter herons is still in place and is secure. Remove old water lily leaves and thin out oxygenating plants. This will prevent a thick layer of decomposing leaves collecting on the bottom of the pond. If the water is dark brown and brackish remove half the water and while the pond is only half full remove old leaves and debris from the bottom of the pond. Leave most of the soil because this contains aquatic insects and the seeds of some plants. Refill with fresh water.

Be alert for early frosts. Prepare the greenhouse for the winter. Remove all plants from the greenhouse and fumigate it with a smoke candle. Wash the glass inside and out. To conserve heat line the greenhouse with bubble wrap. Take tender plants into the greenhouse and set the heater thermostat to the required temperature. Use a maximum and minimum thermometer to ensure that the heater is working. Water plants sparingly before mid day.

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