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At last we are having some warm sunny weather. With no hosepipe bans in place we are free to use the hose to water the garden.

Lawn Care
Any work you carry out on your lawn at this time of year will be well rewarded next year. Aerate, apply and brush in sharp sand and compost. Apply Autumn fertilizer, weed killer and moss killer. We will lend you our garden spreader which will ensure an even lawn Our loose grass seed costs only £3.50 per kilo and that will sow 20 metres square.

Flower Border
Borders are looking tired after this long miserable summer. Remove summer bedding which is past its best, rake in a general fertilser and plant with winter flowering pansies, Violas, Wall flowers or Sweet Williams.. Plants planted at this time will do well because the ground is still warm, the roots will continue to grow and the plants will be well established before winter sets in.

Spring Flowering Bulbs.
We now have in stock our spring flowering bulbs. Plant all but tulips as soon as possible. A general rule is to plant the bulb twice the depth of the size of the bulb. Bulbs took best planted in groups between shrubs and or in herbaceous borders in rock gardens or in the lawn. Tulips should not be planted until well into November.

Hyacinths for Christmas
The traditional way to plant hyacinths for Christmas display is to plants them directly into the container in which they are to be displayed. I much prefer the following method. Plant single bulbs into 3” square seed pots using bulb fibre. Cover the bulb to half its height with fibre. Place the pots in a cool, dark cupboard. When the bulb is just showing the flower bud, move the pots to a warm light position. When the hyacinths are showing colour, gently remove the pot and place the required number of hyacinths, each at he same stage of development in a decorative pot which has no drainage holes. With fibre, fill around the bulbs. Finish off with a mulch of grit or moss. The benefit of this method is that all the bulbs in the finished bowl will be the same height instead of the haphazard result achieved by planting all the bulbs in the same pot.
Don’t forget to plant up daffodils, tulips and crocus for forcing for an early idoor display of colour.

Think about next year
Walk around the garden with a note book. Take a note of the shrubs and perennials which need to be moved or replaced. What would you like in their place. Call into the Glendale Garden Centre and place your order for next season.

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