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Pet Products

We stock a full range for all domestic animals and birds. We also cater for a large variety of wild birds.

The dog section houses many types of food in large or small packages. We stock a range of dog beds, soft or hard, to suit all sizes. No matter how selective your pet happens to be we have a range of treats to appeal to all. If collars and leads are needed all sizes are in stock. A wide range of toys are available.

The cat section reflects all of the above goods and of course we have a variety of cat litter to suit all needs.

For caged birds and small animals we stock cages, hutches, toys and treats.
For wild birds we have a range of foods,peanuts,seed, sunflower seed, a variety of other treats and the feeders needed to present them to the birds in the best possible way.

For all pets we carry a wide range of health care products.

A variety of pet products

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