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For more general planting and growing advice for the year ahead, have a look at the tips in our year planner

January Clear snow from branches to prevent them being broken by the weight of the snow. Ice on your fish pond could prevent he water from being oxygenated. Melt the ice by standing a pan of boiling water on the ice, or better still buy a floating pond heater. Have fun in the snow. Buy a sledge at the Glendale Garden Centre. Keep safe on the ice. Buy sand and salt to scatter on the paths.
February Buy your seed potatoes from the Glendale Garden Centre. Keep in a cool, light place to encourage sprouts to form. Select seeds for flowers and vegetables. Cover an area of the vegetable garden with clear polythene and hold down the edges with bricks or stones. Rain will run off the polythene so that the ground can be dug more easily and the temperature of the soil will allow you to sow your seeds earlier.
March Kill weeds on paths and drives. Use ‘Path Clear’, one application should last until the end of the season. Kill weeds in walls and between paving stones with ‘Roundup’. Later applications will be needed to kill weeds with well established roots.
April Fertilise roses, perennials and lawns. Mulch around you rose beds, borders and trees to conserve moisture throughout the summer. Start to cut the grass and mow twice a week (or as necessary) from now until the end of September. No need to go to the gym now!
May Control slugs and snails by placing slug pellets under plants where slug activity is obvious. Hide the pellets under stones and slated to prevent birds from taking them. Spray roses with ‘Roseclear’ to deter greenfly and mildew.
June This is the busiest month of the year in the garden. Continue to spray to keep greenfly and mildew at bay. Keep on top of weeds by hoeing amongst vegetables and flowers.
July Dead head flowers and roses and clear away all vegetables that have finished cropping.
August Get the garden ready for your holiday. Mow the lawn at the last minute. Hoe the borders to keep the weeds down. For the greenhouse install a capillary watering system available from the Glendale Garden Centre.
September Clear all crops which have finished cropping. Clean the greenhouse ready for the onset of winter. Check all electrical equipment.
October Spread a net over your pond to stop leaves falling in it. Clear borders of summer bedding plants where you intend to plant winter-flowering pansies, wall flowers or Sweet Williams. Do not manure the soil, it will only encourage soft growth, but instead use a slow release fetiliser such as bone meal.
November Cut the shrivelled stems of perennials down to 18 inches. Cut to ground level in late February. Clear leaves and put on the compost heap.
December Look out for signs of mice. Set traps and poison. The Glendale Garden Centre carries a wide selection of remedies including humane traps. On a happier note we also sell Christmas trees, decorations and gifts.

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